Wish - Shopping Made Fun

  • Version: 4.4.5
  • Size: 8.8M
  • Author: Wish Inc.
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.5
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What is Wish?

Do you love shopping but hate to visit the shopping mall? Then Wish is the app that you need to have on your smartphone. This is a preferred app for a majority of people. This is so because it provides trending items at 50% to 80% cheaper rates as compared to what you pay at your local mall. Avail amazing discounts and purchase the products at incredible prices with the help of this app. You can seamlessly get the item delivered directly to your doorstep. Wish is the #1 shopping app in Europe and North America. It allows you to browse a worldwide selection of trending fashion, fashion accessories, electronics, and much more.

Branding the app as a virtue for all those who love shopping won’t be untrue. If you are one of those who love to shop at a heavy discount rate, then Wish is the app that is sure to cater to your need. And guess what! The app also comes with a share feature. With the help of this feature, you can share your selected products with your friends, family members, and acquaintances. Now purchase at amazing rates and enhance your overall shopping experience with the Wish app.

Other Features

There are numerous features, functionalities, and options integrated into the app.  All of them together ensure that the users of the app have an amazing shopping experience. There is a home section in the app. It lists all the products bifurcated and categorized into various sections and sub-sections. There is also a profile section that has been provided to the users. Under this section, a user gets to edit all their personal information, credentials including the shipping/delivery address, phone number, email address, etc.

The app also boasts of an amazing and powerful search functionality. With the help of this search feature, you can find and choose a large number of products seamlessly and quickly. When you select a product, you get to see its rating, store rating, and many other pieces of information that help you make an informed decision. 

There is also a cart option integrated into the app. With this feature, you can manage your wishlist easily.  Further, you can leverage this option to add a product or remove an existing one. Under the order history section of the product, one can have a look at their previous order. Lastly, there is a notification feature with which you never miss any deal or discount from your favorite shops and sellers.

The Verdict

“Wish - Shopping Made Fun” is a superb shopping app that offers a large number of products to choose from. Be it fashion, home decor, beauty products or electronics, you are sure to find them all in the app. The perfect categorization and bifurcation of the products make it amazingly easy to find them. With heavy discounts and deals on each of these products, you are sure to purchase them at quite a low price. The entire checkout and payment process is simple, thereby, making your shopping experience hassle-free. So, install Wish and keep an eye on those amazing shopping notifications!

How To Get App

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