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What is Waze?

While Waze is known as a navigation and mapping app, it brings so much more to the table. It is, by far, one of the most accurate navigation apps available by delivering real-time information on traffic and road alerts around you. Unlike other navigation apps, Waze gathers its information from the reliable source - the user. With millions of users worldwide, the app is continuously being updated with information. This means that users are constantly contributing to the app to make it more accurate and informative. The Waze community is huge and therefore, is always delivering real-time information for you to find the fastest way to your destination.

The interface, though, is sort of a disappointment as it features tiny buttons and pop-up menus that could distract the driver. Entering a destination can get a bit tricky when on the move, but is a lot more user-friendly when stationary. If you find the need to use the app while driving though, the handy voice command feature does go a long way in making your drive a lot safer. With so much information being entered into the app, you will always have detailed descriptions of what is the best route to where you're going. Whether there's a tree blocking the road or a broken down 18-wheeler truck ahead of you, Waze will let you know and find you an alternate route to take.

Other Features

Using Waze as a mapping app is great, but contributing to its vast community is even better - and easier. Once you sign up to the app, you can start contributing to it with just a few taps. If you find anything that could disrupt traffic behind you, or has already disrupted traffic ahead of you, you can quickly mark it on the map by tapping on the correct options. As a driver, you are always looking for the fastest routes and Waze offers just that. Even if there is an incident on the road ahead, Waze will notify you with the information and alternative routes via pop-ups so you're always prepared. You can even get notifications for police, speed cameras, and slow traffic to help you choose the best possible route.

To help give you the most accurate navigation information, Waze uses a total of six search engines including Bing, Foursquare, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Facebook Places, and their very own database. When it comes to voice commands, you can ask Waze to find practically anything, but the app does come with some preset commands such as “Drive Home” to help you quickly get your navigation started or “Report Heavy Traffic” to get the latest information on traffic around you.

The Verdict

Overall, Waze is definitely a must-have app for those who drive a lot and can't depend of stock apps to deliver accurate information. With an ever-growing community of customers, Waze is constantly updating itself and with detailed and real-time information. This not only lets you decide the most appropriate route but also helps you to share that information with others. The app's interface might not live up to its performance, but it does deliver the perfect amount of navigation and mapping functionality that is required when driving. The success behind Waze’s immense popularity might be its accuracy in delivering information, but its enhanced 6 search engine has a lot to do with it as well. Whether you're going from one town to the other or a few blocks away, Waze should definitely be your choice for finding the fastest way there.

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