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How To Get App

What is Verizon Cloud App?

This is an app for the Verizon subscribers to help them keep backup storage of all their necessary files on the device. The users can test the waters by using the Verizon Cloud app for the first one month using its free 30-day trial. If you are not satisfied with this app, you can opt out any time and discontinue the subscription. 

However, if you want to keep using the app, it will charge you $5 per month for a memory space of 500 GB. As a footnote, you can choose to use the ‘Contacts Only’ support for free even after the trial is over. The app basically lets the Verizon users back up all the contacts, photos, videos, audios, music files, documents, texts and media messages in a cloud storage facility. As an Android user, you must be well-versed about the benefits of cloud storage. If you do not know, here it is – you can access your data and media files from anywhere even if you don’t have access to your phone. All you need is a device compatible with the Verizon Cloud app, and an active internet connection and all your files will be there for you to access. 

Other features

Verizon Cloud app has some other great features too if you want to explore and use it to the fullest. First of all, it helps you with making customised edits to your photos, make collages, add stickers and create videos, use text boxes and many other fun options. You will not need an additional photo editor. The media you back up will be organised like a gallery in the app, from where you can choose and pick. It does not let you lose or forget a memory either. 

The app prepares a flashback for you every week from the pictures and videos you made last year. If you want to share the media, you can do that as well, either via any common chatting app or social media platforms, or connect to a smart TV or stereo and play your songs and videos there. Another fun feature is the facility of ordering and printing. You can select any photo from your Verizon Cloud gallery and place, and order for a photo print, wall art or digitally print it on a mug, glass, pillowcase or t-shirt. Your order will be home delivered to you from the nearest retail outlet of Verizon.


Verizon Cloud not only keeps you secured in case of damage to your phone or theft but saves your device memory as well. The app will sync your account across all the devices you have which is compatible with Verizon. You just have to make sure you have the app installed. Then you can forget about all the troubles with data transfer or loss of important files. The only drawback of the app is the monthly cost. Though it sounds meagre, most users would simply choose to use a hard drive to backup data instead of paying money for it.

How To Get App

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