• Version: 5.0.172
  • Size: 17M
  • Author: Logitech Europe S.A.
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4
How To Get App

What is UE Boom App?

So you have UE Boom speakers at your home or workplace. Do you want to leverage the full potential of the speakers? Then do make sure that you have the UE Boom app installed on your smartphone or any other smart device. There are essential and amazing features integrated into the app. From party up to voice commands to even customized EQ controls, you have amazing ways to use your UE Boom and UE Boom 2 speakers.

Perhaps you have knobs and buttons to adjust the bass and fine tune the sound of your speakers. But adjusting the sound with the help of these knobs and buttons poses challenges and hassles. However, when you undertake the same with the help of an app that has a clean and tidy interface, the task becomes relatively easy and quick. 

In fact, the strategic placement of all the important features and functionalities on the interface ensures that even the new users can easily configure the speakers and adjust their sounds. 

In order to use the app, all you need to do is upgrade the firmware of each of your UE Boom 2 speakers. Leverage the options of the app to witness the full power and strength of these speakers. Now sway to your favorite beats with UE Boom speakers configured by the UE Boom app.

Other Features

The UE Boom app entails some of the most amazing and cool features. There is a #PartyUp feature that has been integrated into the app. With the help of this amazing feature, you can connect more than 50 speakers. If you are a party enthusiast and love listening to music at a high volume, then this feature is no less than the best of both worlds for you.
Further, the app is now compatible with the “OK GOOGLE” functionality. So just say these two magical words followed by ‘Play <song name>’ and the artificial intelligence will do the rest. Also, with this same app, you can control the bass and even the atmosphere. There are custom EQs that you can play with as per your taste and preference. There are tap controls too that come with the app. Just tap once to play/pause the music. When you double tap, you skip the track altogether. 

The app also comes with the on/off functionality. Thus, you can remotely switch on and switch off your UE Boom speakers. There is also an option of Block Party which lets you DJ with two other friends. The team behind the app comes with frequent updates so as to keep any sort of glitch or bug at bay.

The Verdict

The epitome of entertainment, UE Boom speakers blow life to every party and gathering. But what if you can control the speakers remotely with the help of your smart device? Wouldn’t that be great and convenient? Well, you can surely do this with the help of the UE Boom app. It lets you undertake a myriad of activities which enhance your overall music listening and dancing experience. The app is amazingly easy to install and use. The prompt guide and feature captions further ease the process to use the UE Boom app. So, switch on the UE Boom speakers remotely, adjust the bass and burn the dance floor.

How To Get App

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