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How To Get App

What is TracFone My Account?

If you are a TracFone customer, then this app is going to save you a lot of trouble and help you get a better service from your network operator. This app is designed to be a comprehensive platform to manage your TracFone Account right from the smartphone itself. Once you install the app and install it on your phone, the app will detect the TracFone SIM card in your phone and activate its services.

With TracFone My Account app, you can check the remaining balance of your current cycle and also remind yourself the validity so that you can refill in time. But before that, you have to create an account on the app with your credentials and log in. This will be your official TracFone account, and it might come in handy later. When your current cycle is over, you can purchase airtime for the next month through this app.

In case you run out of airtime or data before the date of expiry, the option of adding airtime to the existing plan using a PIN card is also there. While purchasing newly, you can easily browse through all the plans available and choose the one best suited for you in terms of airtime, validity and cost.

Other features

There are more exciting options in the TracFone My Account app as well, to make your customer experience even better. These are the features which you would not get offline in the retail shops at all. For example, auto refilling – when you enabled it, the app automatically refills your data and airtime upon the expiry of the current plan. In that way, you can enjoy seamless service on your phone.

Moreover, the app helps you to locate the nearest store with the Retailer Locator feature. In case there is something you can’t solve all by yourself and need expert advice, you can hit a search via Retailer Locator and find out where to go. If none of those works out, you can choose to speak to the customer service executives of TracFone My Account using the support chat option. Another great feature of the app is you can go back and check your transaction history.

Often we make the mistake of forgetting when and how much we paid for a refill, but end up needing them for some reference in future. The app tells you promptly and accurately the exact amounts of the transaction. Lastly, you can do quick edits to your profile and manage your credit cards through the app too.


Basically, all the information you need for smooth usage of your TracFone SIM and device, you will find here under the same roof.  Starting from activation to plans to customer service, everything falls under the services offered by TracFone My Account app. You do not have to note down or memorise the last date of your plan or the amount of airtime you added in last transactions. A few taps and all will be revealed at your fingertips. The latest version of the app has improved interface and performance stability. Along with a new carousel design menu and a dashboard, you also get to view your Global Card balance.

How To Get App

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