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What is Snapseed? 

Nik Software is not a new name for app-lovers, especially those who love transforming and experimenting with their images. This established player of apps has delighted its users with another astounding application called Snapseed. Snapseed is an image editing app meant explicitly for smartphones & tablets. Initially launched in July 2011, the app was further released in Google Play & App store. This happened because Google got hold of the company in 2012. 

With more comprehensive features and an extensive toolset, Snapseed claims to be a complete and professional photo editing app. It can be used beneficially by IOS users as well as Android users. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Snapseed is entirely free to be used.

The users can edit their pictures using the various tools and filters provided by the app. Once the editing is done, users can share it directly on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The developers of Snapseed keep upgrading it by adding new features; thus, this app is getting widely popular among the users all around the world. 

After knowing this much, you must be curious to know about the astonishing features of this app. So here we go!

Other Features 

There are lots of exciting and unique features offered by Snapseed to its users such as:

  • All the necessary tools for editing 

You can brighten the photo to be edited according to your needs and tastes. You can add perfect colors by using the Saturation filter and make the picture look livelier than before. The Contrast filter helps you add more depth to your photo.

You can then crop your image easily in the required ratio. The app shows some inbuilt ratios although you can enter the same manually too. 

  • Save your preferred look

You can edit a particular photo by using the filters and tools given in the app and save it. You can further use it while editing other images where you can apply it to them. 

  • Selective

By using this feature, you can make changes and edit in a targeted area of a picture. The area to be edited is selected in the form of dots, and all the edit-tools can be used here. 

  • Healing 

You can hide any unwanted part of a car, building, people or any other thing from your photo. It is a very cool feature although a bit tricky. However, you can master it in a few attempts. 

The Verdict

Snapseed is a fantastic photo editing app for people who want to fine-tune their images efficiently. With a remarkable toolset and multiple functions, the app comes out as an excellent option for those who are always looking for innovative methods of improving their photographs. The fantastic feature set also deserves loads of appreciation as there are plenty of them and each one is quite creative and handy. The only point which is a bit concerning is the filters available in Snapseed. They are many and can only succeed in confusing the users. Moreover, they are deficient in providing refinement. 

How To Get App

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