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What is Snapchat?

It is a whole new world of talking incessantly to your friends, family and loved ones. It offers you several options for communicating innovatively. You guessed it right! It is Snapchat – an app that helps you deliver messages quickly and interestingly.

Snapchat is a popular social networking platform. All across the globe, people use it to a considerable extent. It allows the users to capture photos and videos, popularly known as snaps, which get deleted by themselves after a few moments. You can chat with your family and friends in the form of stickers, emojis and much more. The app, launched six years ago, is one of the most popular social networking sites today. It is a multimedia messaging app. It works on both Android and IOS and is available in twenty-two languages which makes it widely accessible to users from all over the world. 

However, it is an important fact to mention that Snapchat has gone through some updates and redesigning which upset many users. The confusing redesigned interface was considered complicated by many people around the world. Still, the significant features and popularity of this app cannot be denied. So, let’s check out its features!

Other Features 

  • Sending snaps 

Once your photo or video is ready, you can send it to the people of your choice by hitting the arrow icon on the lower right side of the screen. These snaps get deleted by default after a few moments of sending them. 

  • Screenshot notification 

You will be sent a notification by Snapchat if anyone you sent your snaps to takes a screenshot of it. The screenshot feature reduces the possibility of cybercrime. 

  • The amazing filters and lenses 

Snapchat is popularly known for its wide range of filters and lenses which you can use while taking snaps. However, they are bot switched on by default. Thus, you have to switch them on whenever you want to use them. For that, swipe the screen left, or right and a notification will arrive, asking 'turn on filters.' 

  • Voice filter 

It is a newly added feature on Snapchat where you can apply a voice filter on the video captured. This feature appears at the bottom left of the screen in the form of a speaker once you have shot a video. 

  • Face swipe 

By using this feature, you can not only swipe faces of the snaps taken but also of the photos available in your phone library. 

The Verdict

Snapchat has done a great job while helping people get connected with each other through a useful platform. Not only sharing videos, pictures, screenshots, and messages is fast on this fantastic app, but it is easy too. The only problem begins when such established and renowned apps make any changes in their design. The users who have been in touch with the app for years find it quite challenging to get used to the new design.

The same happened with this app when it was redesigned in February 2018. Its interface was reported cluttered by many users. Also, the new feature of Snap Map was considered a threat to privacy as it broadcasted the exact user location to friends whenever the app was opened. So, check it out but just like any other social media platform, use it carefully!

How To Get App

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