MyRadar Weather Radar

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What is MyRadar Weather Radar?

The MyRadar Weather Radar app is considered to be one of the best weather apps available out there and is ideal for pilots. However, it might strike your fancy to know that the MyRadar Weather Radar app can be used by anyone and thus, you can also make use of the tons of features that it contains. On opening the app on your device, you will find the important icons which are toggle layer, Locate Me, and Map type on the bottom left. Icons on the other side are for uploading and sharing weather photos. 

If you wish to view the different parts of the country (United States), that can be done too with the help of this app. Just with a tap on the “Locate Me” icon, you will be able to go back to your current location. You can also change the way your map looks, simply by tapping on the Map type icon. 

If you are planning on using this app, then you should know that for most of the time, you will be on the layers icon that will allow you to gain complete control of what you view on your radar. Three features that will surely make you a fan of the MyRadar Weather Radar app are:

  • Forecast toggle;
  • Temperature toggle;
  • Cloud and winds toggle.

Other Features

You must be aware by now that MyRadar Weather Radar is loaded with cool features, but still, there are a few that will blow your mind. The feature that will definitely take your fancy is the weather outlook option. This option allows you direct feed about the areas that are under the risk of severe weather. Hovering on the map over the area with the SPC overlay shows the weather outlook of that particular area as marginal risk, slight risk, general thunder, etc.

Another interesting and somewhat mindboggling feature that you will get in the MyRadar Weather Radar app is the flight plan toggle that you can locate in the aviation layer options. By using this feature, you will be able to enter your flight ID, and the app will show you the flight plan. Thereafter, you will be able to check the weather on the route. You are bound to love this feature if you have a thing for travelling and enjoying new places. 

The Verdict 

MyRadar Weather Radar app is one of a kind and the most powerful weather tool that you will find. Even with the free version of this app, you get to enjoy tons of features. If you are a serious power user, then you can opt for upgrades such as hurricane tracker or professional radar pack. We can vouch for this app and are sure that casual users will love and prefer to stick to the free version. If you love to travel and that too on a regular basis, then you would love this app as it also gives notifications for potential flight cancellations because of weather.  

How To Get App

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