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What is My Elevation? 

Have you ever been curious to know your elevation relative to the sea level? Many of you might be! But finding out or calculating the same is not that easy. However, if you have the ‘My Elevation” app on your phone, you can do the same in just a few seconds! The My Elevation app helps you know your surface elevation. This app claims to show you your precise surface elevation by analyzing your location at that time. This positioning is shown in the longitudinal and latitudinal form. The accuracy of the results provided by this application is way higher than the inbuilt feature in your device.

The app ‘My Elevation’ was launched in September 2016 but has gained immense popularity by now due to its highly accurate results. All you need is a working data connection on your phone to get ‘My Elevation’ working. A working data connection assists you in knowing your location on the map. In other words, the app will not work if you do not have a working data connection on your phone. 

Other Features  

The My Elevation app works wonderfully. It also contains a beautiful and minimalist design. It has proven to be quite advantageous for a lot of people. Users love the various features offered by this app. Some of the most popular features of the My Elevation app include:

  • Choose the Map Mode

You can pick one of the four map types - Normal, Satellite, Topo and Hybrid. You can change them later too. 

  • Follow me Mode 

Enabling this feature, the app follows your current location in real time. Thus, you can see your elevation and coordinate on the map. You can also see all your movements there. 

  • Check Weather Report 

You can check the weather and climate report of a particular location by pressing the map for a few seconds. The app also lets you browse the Internet articles about the famous attractions near that place. You can even watch the street level view of the area you search in the application. In this way, you can make a small research on a site before visiting it. 

  • Share Location 

You can share your current location and exciting search results by the application with your friends. This sharing is done in text and email form. 

The Verdict

Simply by a few clicks on your phone, you can now know about your exact elevation in regards to the sea level. By providing multiple outstanding features like sharing location, instant weather report and much more, the app gives you significant and useful information in the blink of an eye! The various modes like ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Map Mode’ are also worth appreciating.

With the accurate and quick information-providing feature related to elevation and location, this useful app is the right pick for satisfying the needs of many people. It is, indeed, a handy app for travellers, farmers, hikers and people with high altitude sickness.

How To Get App

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