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What is Money Network® Mobile App? 

Managing finances is a complex task, especially if you have to deal with cash and check transactions. When you have cash in your pocket, you are always worried about its security. Money Network® is the solution for all your worries and complexities. Money Network® debit card can be used for making payments, withdrawing cash from ATMs, making check payments, transferring amounts, and so on. 

You can consider it as a prepaid card wherein you store your money to use later as per your convenience. Thus, you don’t lose your money, keeps a track of your transactions, and minify surcharges and fees incurred at various places. To extract maximum benefits from Money Network®, you should install Money Network® mobile app (My MN). With the assistance of mobile app, you can accomplish most of the tasks without the need of Money Network® card. 

There are certain aspects that can be fulfilled using the My MN only. For example, you can locate ATMs in the vicinity that accepts Money Network® cards. While there are some ATMs that will incur a surcharge, most of them will allow a free transaction. You can avail this information in the app. Since you have access to your smartphone all the time, you can access My MN at your convenience. 

Other Features 

The first time users are prompted to set up a new account. The existing users can log in using username and password. Once you have access to your account, you can manage your finances efficiently. The app will assist you in accomplishing transactions faster and in a secure manner. 

The Account Summary section displays relevant information pertaining to your Money Network® account. You can check the account balance and access quick links. The app has a dedicated Piggy Bank section wherein you can move money from your account. This facilitates savings as you can set up periodic automatic transfers to save money. 

The sliding drop-down menu on the left side will furnish a list of features available in the app. You can choose to move money, pay your bills, view pay stubs, deposit checks, seek help & assistance, buy gift cards, and much more. The transaction page will display all transactions according to the timeline. You can cross-verify and keep a check on your finances. 

We have already mentioned finding nearest ATMs on My MN app. In addition to this, you can also find places to deposit or cash checks. To reload your Money Network® prepaid card, find reliable vendors using My MN app. Some of the vendors charge a fee while some of them will reload your card free of cost. 

The Verdict 

Money Network® is an innovative concept by Meta Bank to accomplish the task of financial inclusion. It provides a sort of banking services to people who don’t have a bank account. In My MN app, users can set up push and email notifications. Every time a transaction is made or balance is critically low, you will get an instant notification. With the assistance of My MN app, you will facilitate savings by managing your finances efficiently. 

The app works flawlessly on both Android and iOS. As the app doesn’t feature any fancy graphics and functions, it adapts comfortably according to the device specification. 

How To Get App

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