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What is LibriVox Audio Books?

There are times when you want to read an interesting book. At the exact same time, you wish a narrator could do the job for you. To cope with this conundrum, all you need to do is install this amazing app called LibriVox Audio Books. The app is just perfect for all those who look forward to listening to their favorite stories rather than reading them. Further, it can also be used by those who want to listen to stories during their leisure time. The app is free and helps you in keeping the boredom at bay. 

The LibriVox Audio Books app comes packed with a whopping 24,000 free audiobooks. Owing to many filters and search options, it is quite easy to find what you are looking for. As you play your favorite audiobook, you find that the narration is loud and clear. The same enhances the story hearing experience by leaps and bounds. There are also numerous options, features, and functionalities integrated into the app. All of them help you to rejoice the audiobooks listening sessions.

If you love reading books, you’ll surely adore listening to them. Install the LibriVox Audio Books and get ready for amazing story listening sessions.

Other Features

A large number of features and options make the LibriVox Audio Books app a preferred choice of many book lovers. First and foremost, the app offers an unlimited access to 24,000+ audiobooks and all of them at no price. Further, these audiobooks can be streamed online or downloaded for later use without any payment. The app also includes listings for new recordings. It features classic bestsellers and out-of-print treasures.

There is a powerful categorization that has been done in the app. You can see that the books have been bifurcated on the basis of titles, authors, genres, etc. You can also find a title based on the keywords. Also, you get to find books read by your favorite narrator. 

The app also boasts of numerous audio features, for instance, you can stop the playback with a sleep timer. There are also unlimited bookmarks available for each book. You can take your favorite books with you wherever you go owing to the full support for Bluetooth controls along with the support for Android Auto and Google Cast. 

Caught up in some work while listening to the audiobooks? No issues because the app comes with a list of favorites, recent books and downloaded books to make sure that you pick up just where you left off.

The Verdict

There are many who hold the books dear. If you too fall into this category, then LibriVox Audio Books is one such app that is sure to woo you. From old-time radio dramas and history to genres such as short stories novels, poetry, and non-fiction, you are sure to find a broad collection of audiobooks in this app. The best part of the app is that these audiobooks are free owing to the dedicated work of lots of volunteers who record, edit and distribute their literary work on the public domain. Plunge into the world of words as you listen to the audiobooks on LibriVox Audio Books app.

How To Get App

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