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  • Author: Jehovah's Witnesses
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  • Rating: 4.9
How To Get App

What is JW Library?

Surrender yourself unto the Almighty and keep your faith alive with JW Library app. Produced and published by Jehovah’s Witnesses, the app contains numerous translations of holy books, including Bible. Not only this, there is an extensive collection of videos, audios, scriptures, books, and programs. If you desire a communion with God, we recommend installing JW Library app on your smartphone. It keeps you connected with the Almighty, every day and every second till eternity. 

The app has been designed in a way to showcase relevant content to the users. The Homepage has been divided into various sections like Favorites, Frequently used, Teaching Toolbox, What’s New, and so on. Thus, you have unlimited content at your disposal that will keep you engrossed for countless hours. The sliding menu on the left side contains all sections and categories. You can easily browse through all sections. 

The fascinating aspect of JW Library is the collection of Bible in different languages and contexts. It has been categorized according to the languages and the authors. You can check out all the books and gain knowledge to attain consciousness. If studying books is not your cup of tea, consider investing your time in audios and videos. 

Other Features 

JW Library app includes multiple Bible renditions, various reference books and other digital publications for the truth seekers. If you want to experience God, you can take the first step by embracing JW Library app. You can find multiple Bible translations in this app. Simply swipe left or right to access a particular publication. 

Not only this, you can streamline your search or compare different versions on the basis of verse number or reference letter. Place bookmarks if you plan to resume reading after some time. Browse the History section to access previously read content or scout for information using the search bar. 

JW Library is not confined to the Bible, you can browse through numerous books in the Books section. You can sort these books on the basis of language. Save the books that you would like to read, or share information on social networking apps. And if books don’t excite you, check out videos and audios in the Media section. The media files have been organized into categories like From Our Studio, Children, Teenagers, Family, and so on. Some of the publications are available as well. 

In the Meetings section, you can sort information on the basis of the timeline. The indigenous sessions, such as Life and Ministry and Watchtower Study are held at Jehovah’s Witnesses. You can access these by switching tabs in the Meeting section. 

The Verdict 

Jehovah’s Witnesses believes in a different Christian ideology. If you believe in the same ideology, the app is meant for you. Further, the teachings of Christianity have been articulated in a well-defined manner. For example, you get the Bible in different languages, numerous books, workbooks, audio, and video files; all segregated in suitable sections. Simplified and responsive interface facilitate enhanced user experience. 

JW Library doesn’t ask for a single penny and there are no advertisements as well. The app version adapts comfortably according to the OS version and the technical specification of a device. The app is available for operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and others. 

How To Get App

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