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What is JPay app?

Communicating with the prison inmates can be difficult for family members and well-wishers. Due to evolution in technology, the ways have been devised to get in touch with the inmates. JPay app is one of these solutions that let you contact prison residents in various ways. You can install JPay on your smartphone and use it for sending money, purchasing stamps, sending emails, transferring photos and videos, and much more. The compatibility with multiple payment modes makes JPay a suitable app for the job. 

You must understand that JPay features are controlled according to the prison facilities. It is possible that some of the features are not available in a facility. For example, writing and receiving emails feature is prohibited in some of the facilities. Before you install the app, check out the features that work. As JPay is available for free download, you need to worry about paying anything. But yes, there are transactional costs associated with the app. Further, if you make any in-app purchase, you have to pay a predetermined sum. 

There are certain features that facilitate group conversation as well. For clicking pictures and recording videos, there are dedicated sections on JPay. According to our analysis, JPay serves the purpose of communicating with the inmates.

Other Features 

As inmates are disconnected with the outer world, it becomes difficult for them to assimilate means of survival. In this case, family members, friends, and well-wishers should act responsibly to take care of the inmates. The most crucial aspect is money. You can send money using a debit card, prepaid card, or credit card. Remember, using credit cards will incur a fee. Check out the fee structure before proceeding with the transaction. You can select a contact, enter the amount, select payment method, enter the security code, and fulfill the transaction. 

Sending emails with JPay is very easy. You can select the recipient and initiate a conversation using email services. You can add multiple recipients if you want to include anyone else in the loop. In addition to text, attach media files and documents to the email. However, check out the rules and regulations before using this facility. In case you wish to send a prepaid reply, you can do so with JPay. Adjust the notification settings to receive push notifications whenever you receive an email. 

You can manage multiple accounts on JPay, save payment options, and purchase JPay stamps as well. These stamps will be used by inmates as a transaction instrument. 

The Verdict 

JPay is an ideal app if you are looking for an alternative to communicate with the inmates. The app allows you to search for inmates in particular prison facilities. Thus, you can get in contact with the concerned persons without any delay. JPay incorporates crucial features that are necessary for the survival of inmates. For example, sending money and purchasing stamps are some of the features that provide relief to the inmates. You can keep a check on their health by communicating via email. 

JPay is available for both Android and iOS versions. It works seamlessly without any glitches. Don’t forget to adjust notification settings otherwise you won’t get any updates regarding emails. 

How To Get App

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