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  • Version: 4.1
  • Size: 15M
  • Author: HP Inc.
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.1
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What is HP ePrint?

Today, many believe in a mobile-first approach. If there is a new website, it would be first opened on the mobile and then it would be accessed on a laptop or desktop system if need be. Same is the case with dealing with a document. Be it a word document, PDF or a presentation, everything is accessed on a smartphone first.  However, when it comes to printing, an individual is forced to transfer that file to a desktop or laptop system. But not anymore! Because HP ePrint makes it amazingly simple to print your documents and other files such as images, snaps, clicks, etc. directly from your smartphone or a smart device.

HP ePrint is a printing app that helps you in establishing a secure connection between your Android smart device and your HP printer. Once the connection has been successfully established between these two devices, the app lets you print all your documents, photos, emails, etc. directly from your Android device.

However, don’t take HP ePrint as a mere printing app. It boasts of a plenty of features and functionalities that enhance your document printing experience. Whether you are at your home or office, you can leverage the app to remotely print all the essential documents with the help of your smart device.

Other Features

There are certain basic features in the app that allow you to print your documents or images from your smartphone or tablet over a local Wi-Fi network.  You can even print from anywhere via the Cloud to a web-connected HP ePrint printer. With the app installed on your device, you can share to print from other apps. It means that you can print content seamlessly from the Android apps that support share.  There are multiple features that you come across before you hit that print button from your smartphone, for instance, there are print controls to change the photo size, number of copies, two side printing, etc.

The app allows you to print on the go.  It means that when you locate any of the HP public print locations, you can print your content easily with the help of this app. If your HP printer supports NFC, you can print your content with its help.

You can connect multiple printers to the app. In a separate interface, you get to see the number of printers that you have connected to the app.  You can choose a printer by tapping on it and print your document on it by just hitting the print button.

The Verdict

Relying on your laptop or desktop system to give a print is quote old school. With the HP ePrint app, you can easily print all your documents and essential files with the help of your smartphone or smart device.  Using the app is not at all complicated. In fact, even a novice user can use it without any hassle owing to the simple and appealing interface of the app. Everything has been strategically placed on the interface so as to ensure that the users don't have to waste their time in finding the important features and functionalities. This is HP ePrint app which lets you take a printout remotely!

How To Get App

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