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What is CCleaner?

Your mobile, as well as your tablet, can appear to slow down with time, just like your computer. The reason behind this is the accumulation of apps and junk files. The best way to reclaim the lost storage space of your device is by using CCleaner. The CCleaner app is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Although this app is already popular as the best cleanup tool for Windows, its recent release of the app for Android version has increased the number of people appreciating its performance. The CCleaner app is the best app available on the market for removing junk files that slow down your device. It also makes your browsing safe and in addition to that, monitors your system from harmful links too.

Install the app on your device and free it up with the help of CCleaner! The first thing that you’ll see will be an attractive and useful bar chart which will give you an insight about the space that is being used from both the RAM as well as the storage of the device. Just tap the analyze button, and soon, the app will scan the browser history, processes, cache and load files. You can select the area or specific files that you want to be removed and cleaned with a few taps only.  

Other Features 

As mentioned above, the CCleaner app not only helps you in cleaning the junk files that are slowing down your device but in addition to that, it also keeps your browsing secure and keeps an eye on your system processes. There aren’t too many features in this useful and small sized app, but this free app can make your life a lot easier. 

Install the app, and when you open it, you will have a chart of your RAM and storage space which will indicate the space occupied and free for both. After tapping analyze, you will get a list of the available stuff that you can delete which means apps and junk files. Simply select and tick the boxes and tap “Clean,” and your device will have free space. This, in turn, will eliminate the slowdown problem of the device. 

You can also gain information about the files listed as junk by simply tapping on the section header. Breakdown of what has been found will be revealed to you, and you will be able to clean individual caches for keeping your data safe and secure. This app is excellent with processes and loaded files as you are free to make multiple selections. However, you won’t be able to view your browser history from the CCleaner app.

The Verdict 

You must be surprised and a bit excited after knowing that the popular CCleaner app for Windows is now also available for Android devices. Same as the version for Windows, the version for Android devices also promises to clean up your device and speed it up in no time. If you are serious and have been looking for the best app to get rid of the unnecessary files, then you should definitely install CCleaner on your device.

How To Get App

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