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What is AirDroid: Remote Access and File?

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Be it the tuition classes, social gatherings, formal meetings or even during nature’s call, our smartphones follow our spoor. And due to this, the battery of the smartphones get drained quickly and they often lie plugged into the charging sockets. This hampers the important working and creates a big hassle, every day. But with the help of AirDroid: Remote Access and File app, you can easily accomplish the everyday tasks and leave behind the worries of your battery going dead with excess use. 

By using this app, you can transfer and share data files, send and receive SMS and perform many other functions that you would normally do with your phone, by accessing a computer remotely. AirDroid enables you to access and administer your Android smartphones or tablets wirelessly from Windows, Mac and even through the Web, without costing you a dime!
Now, never allow the battery issues to come in the way of your routine work. Without further ado, just install the AirDroid app today, and let your computer get into the skin of your smartphone!

Other Features

The AirDroid app is filled with a large variety of amazing features. First of all, this app is loaded with a notification mirror feature that gives notifications on your computer screen about the allowed apps. This helps to instantly reply to your phone’s messages through a desktop system. 

Further, the backup and sync feature of this app allows you to take the backup of your important files and folders from your phone, and quickly copy them on your computer. This saves you from the danger of losing your crucial data in case your mobile device crashes or gets lost or stolen. 

By using the AirIME feature, you can easily type whatever you want on your smartphone by using the keyboard of your desktop computer. The ‘Find Phone’ feature helps you to locate and retrieve your smartphone in case you lose it or someone steals it. 

Also, this app bears a ‘Record Screenshot’ feature. It allows you to take a screenshot of your smartphone’s screen with a single click, without requiring to root. Lastly, you can perform several other functions with the help of this app such as manage your photo albums, organize your audio and video files, and import or export the .apk files. 

The Verdict

AirDroid is a powerful app that allows you to access and enjoy all the functionalities of your smartphones through the Windows, Mac or even the web. You can make or receive calls, send text messages using popular apps, and can even get the notifications of the allowed apps on the large screen of your computer. So, it’s time that you relinquish the old school method of using the cables for transferring files. Instead, adopt the smart way of file sharing by installing the AirDroid app. Using this app is simple, enjoyable and free! 

How To Get App

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