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The seeds of learning and creativity are sown in childhood. Let your child indulge in creative and interactive activities to cultivate an effective learning environment. app is packed with infinite activities and applications that aid in nurturing your child. Whether its value education, social studies, or mathematics; your child will grasp the basics in an engaging manner. The learning format in the app instigates them to strive for more. To use platform, you have to purchase a subscription plan. The app is available for free installation but not for free usage.  

The app emphasizes two aspects – subjects and learning activities. Both aspects are interconnected. On one side, the activities have been categorized according to the subjects. For example, there are dedicated sections for mathematics, arts, and so on. A collection of activities for a particular subject may include solving puzzles, watching a story, playing games, and so on. 

Similarly, you can opt for a particular activity to learn about subjects. For example, in the puzzles category, there will be numerous puzzles that will assist your child in learning social studies, science, reading, and so on. is a collaborative effort consisting of numerous apps, just like a platter consisting of delicious starters. 

Other Features emphasizes on every subject so that a child develops an overall personality. Value education is important to teach humanity and compassion and at the same time, science and mathematics are crucial in cultivating a practical mindset. The app consists of a right set of tools and adopts a right approach when it comes to education. For kids aged between 2 and 8, you should bestow your trust upon Each and every aspect of this app is centered on graphics and animations. As kids just love cartoons and anime, the developers infused education and animation. 

Talking about learning activities, kids can participate in more than 9,000 interactive activities such as listening to songs, scribbling on printables, roaming in pet park, enjoying music videos, solving puzzles, splashing colors in arts & colors, embracing books in the library, participating in farming chores, and much more. When participating in these activities, kids get familiar with different situations of life and how to tackle them successfully. 

The app focuses on step-by-step learning mechanism. Thus, the activities have been divided into levels. Whenever a user participates in an activity and completes it successfully, points and rewards are awarded. The activities instil motivation in children by tempting them with rewards. 

The Verdict

All parents want their children to develop intellect and accumulate knowledge. Installing and subscribing to should be your foremost consideration if you want your child to become proficient in every subject. utilizes technology in a constructive way. It strikes a perfect balance between animation and education. As there are no advertisements in the app, interaction of children with third parties is completely eliminated. This protects your children from distractions. works seamlessly with devices powered by Android and iOS. However, you must ensure that there is enough internal storage available on your device. The app requires considerable internal memory and system memory for proper functioning. 

How To Get App

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